SLGO The series of products currently put on the market include:

Syringe Pumps: Single Channel Syringe Pumps, Dual Channel Syringe Pumps, Triple Channel Syringe Pumps

Infusion Pump:

TCI Targeted Anesthetic Pump: Single, Dual, Triple

Teli Pump Dedicated TCI Pump (Chinese, English)

Infusion management system

EEG Monitoring TCI Syringe Pump (BIS Module from US Kehui)

Single channel target controlled syringe pump CP660TCI
Three-channel target controlled syringe pump CP800TC
Total intravenous anesthesia workstation
Dual channel syringe pump CP-2100
SP-100 Infusion Pump
CP-700TCI Dual channel target controlled syringe pump
CP-1100 Single channel constant speed syringe pump
Infusion management system
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