Up to 80% market share

As China's first manufacturer to independently research, develop and produce TCI injection pumps, innovation is the DNA of high-tech companies.

The company has long been committed to working with scientific research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to jointly develop new technologies and new products to provide users with high-quality products. The company has successively designed and produced special injection pumps for various institutes and universities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With the internationally renowned pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, the TCI special anesthetic pump was jointly developed and exported to foreign countries.

The cooperation with scientific research institutes and world-class companies has brought high technology and market development to the company. After nearly a decade of market development, product sales have spread over more than 30 provinces and cities across the country. At present, there are several thousand in the country. Ideas for use in large hospitals The company's series of product injection pumps and infusion pumps. Domestic TCI pump market share reached 80%.

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