Brand introduction:
The slgo people use professionalism and dedication to study medical infusion equipment. Set R & D, production, sales and service in one. It is the first domestic manufacturer that can independently develop and produce TCI injection pumps and is one of the famous manufacturers of syringe pumps and infusion pumps in China. Developed the world's first brain electricity detection TCI syringe pump.

— New product introduction —
3-channel injection pump
Continuous medication and combination therapy of anesthetic drugs
Newborn physiological maintenance medication and combination therapy
Continuous administration and combination therapy of vasoactive drugs
Continuation of drugs and combination drugs for cancer chemotherapy drugs

EEG Monitoring TCI Injection
With BIS monitoring
Targeted pump function
Closed-loop target-controlled infusion
Realizing individualized sedation anesthesia
Avoiding intraoperative awareness and reducing the risk of anesthesia
Real integration of BIS module and TCI pump

Infusion management system
Infinite networking, remote monitoring, accurate data feedback
Simultaneous monitoring of multiple syringe
pumps for intelligent care
Infusion volume alert sound and light in advance to improve the safety of infusion
Convenient nurses to monitor and improve nurses' work efficiency
Improve the safety of infusion by reducing the burden of accompanying care for patients and their families
Enhance hospital information, modernization and intelligent nursing

Total intravenous anesthesia workstation
Can optimize TCI function
General anaesthesia of the patient
Management of anesthetic respiration
Can calculate EC value intelligently
Predictive drug decay time
Breathing and Anesthesia Gas Monitoring

— Qualification honor —
Scientific innovation is the driving force of slgo,The company invests in scientific research and clinical trials each year for 15% of the company’s profits,And has a group of outstanding professional and technical management and senior management personnel。R & D center technology leader,For many years engaged in the study of anesthesia automation control,Has profound knowledge in pharmacology and computer science;Electronic hardware and software and mechanical design engineering and technical personnel all have Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Science and Technology and a bachelor degree or above. Formally these cutting-edge scientists and academic leaders in the industry have become the strong foundation for the development of ideas and development.

— Product Series —
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